It has been a whole year of memories and progress, so hop in and let’s have one more heart-to-heart.

Twelve monthly progress updates. One year. This August marks the first anniversary of the day we took the initiative to revamp our NOAH fan translation. New faces showed up, old faces took new roles, and we made a vow to increase transparency and communication about the behind-the-scenes of our projects.

Let us kick off this special occasion with a nice little bit of news. As we speak, the final script of the translation’s first pass is on its way to completion! This means the first pass of the translation is right at the finish line—just a few more steps and we’ll have finished that part of the climb.

Now, keep in mind that we still have to go through the translation checking and editing phases, which we explained in detail here, and they (especially the latter) can be quite demanding of our time and energy. We’re trying to work out ways to speed up productivity for those stages of the translation, but trying to juggle real life with passion projects can get difficult at times, so we hope you’ll be patient with us.

That said, you may have noticed our reports have been getting shorter and shorter, with an absence of engine update videos and a lack of topics to discuss. After a year of reports, we’ve covered everything we can think of.

This is why we have decided to stop posting monthly reports. But don’t worry—we’ll be tracking our progress on this page, which we’ll be updating on the first of every month. You can also find the page by heading over to the Projects section of our website and clicking “CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Fan Translation & PC Port.”

To be honest, stopping the monthly reports is a good sign. It means we’ve communicated everything we have to tell you about the NOAH fan translation project. At this point, all that remains is to keep moving ahead with our current setup. Thank you all for waiting patiently for the release.

And hey, if the time comes when there’s enough information worth talking about, we might post another progress report. But for the time being, we highly recommend you follow our Twitter account, as that’s the first place we’ll be posting any future announcements.

In other news… a few days ago, we released version 2.0 of our STEINS;GATE patch. It comes with a plethora of changes that were beyond the scope of our patches back when the v1.0 released in 2016. If you’re feeling up for a reread, of if you’ve yet to experience the STEINS;GATE visual novel, now’s a better time than ever! And as always, let us know if we broke something via the #bug-reports channel of our Discord server.

Well, that seems to be it, huh? However long you’ve been with us—years, months, weeks, days, or maybe you only just now learned of us—we’ve always been incredibly thankful to the community for all of their love and support. Without any of you, we would be nothing. (Well, I guess we are a committee of zero, after all. But puns aside…) We’re beyond grateful to have this series and its fans, and it means the world to us all that we’ve made it this far. The tech team in particular has done nothing but just keep chugging along over the years, and we really have no clue how they’ve retained any semblance of sanity (at least we hope they have). The translation team has changed and grown quite spectacularly in the past year. And with the help of both teams, we’re now many steps closer to achieving every one of our dreams for this group. Remembering the eleven previous reports, and now seeing how they’ve culminated, gives us all a great deal of gratification.

Each and every moving part in the universe has brought us precisely to where we are now, and we couldn’t be any more appreciative to have found our way to this point in space-time. For years, it proved quite a task to make the progress we hoped to have with this project. So now… with the causal real link established, we hope we can see everything through to its end, no matter what awaits. Whether it be treacherous storms or clear, blue skies.

Nobody knows what the future holds. And that is why, just as these reports demonstrate, the possibilities are endless.

This is the Committee of Zero, signing off for one last monthly report.

To everyone: Thanks. And let us part here, in this wonderful ataraxia.