See our GitHub for an overview of everything we’ve released publicly.

MAGES. engine reimplementation
  • impacto, the repository that allows us to port SciADV games to multiple platforms.
Patch root repositories
  • sghd-patch, the repository that ties all of the STEINS;GATE Steam Patch components together.
  • cc-patch, the repository that does the same for the CHAOS;CHILD Improvement Patch.
Tools used during the build
  • mgsfontgen-dx, the tool that generates font textures for our patches that need it.
  • SciAdv.Net, grab-bag of MAGES. engine asset editing libraries/tools, including an archive un-/repacker and script text de-/encoder. Note current development is done on the transition branch. Also contains our old script editor/disassembler.
Runtime components
  • LanguageBarrier, our generic MAGES. engine game plugin. Note that patches since STEINS;GATE 0 have been using the multi-game branch.
  • realboot, the launcher and configuration tool for CHAOS;CHILD and future patches.
  • noidget, the installer framework for CHAOS;CHILD and future patches.
Other stuff
  • LBConfig, the configuration tool for the STEINS;GATE and STEINS;GATE 0 patches.
  • mgsfontgen, the tool that generates font textures for the STEINS;GATE Steam patch.

And some stuff not really worth mentioning. Just look at our GitHub.