ANONYMOUS;CODE currently relies on a custom Proton GE build (ProtonGE-AC) for proper video playback, developed by community contributor Hawkheart.

The build can be found here and specific installation instructions here. Please make sure to install this custom build and run the game to generate a prefix based on it before any attempt at installing the ANONYMOUS;CODE Improvement Patch through The Polyversal Linux Steam Patcher for the Committee of Zero’s Science Adventure Steam Patches on Linux.

ANONYMOUS;CODE has other issues on Proton regarding audio playback in dialogue and lockups in gameplay, but our ANONYMOUS;CODE Improvement Patch addresses these by including the xaudio 2.9 library in its 1.0.1 version. With the custom Proton GE build and our patch, the game should operate completely as intended.

For our leet hackers out there, you can find the GitHub commit for the video playback fix here, with its issue history documented here.

Head to the Polyversal CoZ Linux patcher repository by clicking on this link.