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This is a 100% walkthrough for STEINS;GATE 0, designed to allow readers to play through in the optimal route order while unlocking every scene, CG, music track, and tip along the way.


This is a general visualization of the branching paths in STEINS;GATE 0. This walkthrough will sometimes refer to the four branching points (points A, B, C, and D) as labeled in this image.

(Note: route names are abbreviated to avoid spoilers.)

Recommended route order is GS → TA → RMG → PR → VA.
However, TA → RMG → PR → GS → VA is also acceptable.

As a general rule, the route you get will depend on the actions you take when Okabe receives certain calls.
At several points, this guide will ask you to save. Please keep track of these saves, as you will need to return to them later.

Starting off

  • On December 15th (point A) you will be given the option to turn off your phone. As soon as you reach this point, please save.

GS Route

  • Starting from point A (December 15th): do not turn off the phone.
  • Then save again on January 23rd (point B) and answer the phone.

TA Route

  • Starting from point A: this time, turn off your phone.
  • Save again on January 2nd (point C) and try to ignore calls from this point on.

RMG Route

  • Starting from point C: this time, answer the phone on January 2nd.
  • Save once more on January 15th (point D) and try to ignore calls from this point on.

PR Route

  • Starting from point D: this time, answer the phone on on January 15th.

VA Route

  • Starting from point B: this time, try to ignore calls from this point on.

True End

  • If you’ve already completed the PR route, the True End should unlock the instant you finish the VA route.
  • (If you finished VA before PR, you will need to finish VA again.)

Additional Info

  • There are two achievements related to RINE. One is obtained by answering any message, and the other is obtained by reading a message, not replying to it, and then getting any ending.
  • There is an achievement for reading all the tips. Read them all (or just select them all to mark them as read) in order to receive this achievement.
    • Note that there are two tips that are possible to miss: you will not get the first one if you answer the phone too quickly on November 29th, and you will not get the second if you answer at all on December 5th.

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