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This page is for the old version of the CHAOS;CHILD PC English Patch that combined the Vita English scripts with the Japanese PC version.

The current version of our patch works with the official English Steam release and doesn't require any other versions of the game.

You can find the page about the Steam patch here.

Previous contents

This tutorial also applies to the PlayStation TV, but we will use “Vita” from now on for brevity. You may be able to skip some of these steps if you already have homebrew set up on your device.

Required software

We have also uploaded a video tutorial to complement this guide.

  1. Confirm your Vita’s System Software version is 3.60 by opening the Settings app and navigating to System, then System Information. If your version is below 3.60, you must update to 3.60 using this procedure. If your version is above 3.60, please check back after July 1st for an updated tutorial using the new h-encore homebrew enabler. For instructions on using HENkaku on System Software version 3.60, follow the steps below.
  2. Make sure your Vita can connect to the Internet and is on the same local network as your PC.
  3. Open your web browser and open go.henkaku.xyz.
  4. Run molecularShell and press the Start button.
  5. Set “Enable unsafe homebrew” to On and confirm with Cross.
  6. Fully close molecularShell (tear away the page), reopen it and press Select.
  7. On your computer, download, install and run the FileZilla FTP client.
  8. Type in the address you see displayed on your Vita (like into the Host: field and hit Quickconnect.
  9. Copy the VitaShell .vpk to ux0:/data.
  10. On your Vita, in molecularShell, install VitaShell.
  11. Plug in your CHAOS;CHILD game cartridge if you haven’t already.
    • You can also use a digital copy if you install it on your 3.60 Vita using a latest firmware Vita. (Using a PS3 no longer works.) See this guide for details. Note that in case you rebooted during this process, you will have to run HENkaku again (connect to the Internet and open go.henkaku.xyz in your browser).
  12. Open the CHAOS;CHILD LiveArea page and download the v1.01 update by pressing the Update button.
  13. Install the update normally and ignore the C1-6703-6 error.
  14. Run VitaShell.
  15. Navigate to gro0:/app (or ux0:/app for the digital version).
  16. Press the Triangle button on the [GameID] folder, where [GameID] is PCSE01022 for American copies of CHAOS;CHILD and PCSB01075 for European copies.
  17. Scroll down to the “More” menu entry and select Open decrypted option.
  18. Press Select to enable FTP access.
  19. On your computer, in FileZilla, navigate to ux0:/patch/[GameID]/USRDIR.
  20. Copy the script folder to your computer. You’ll have to type this folder’s path into the patch installer later.

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