Imagine, if you will, a world where information flows freely without limits. A world where words, ideas, entertainment, and culture can be spread and understood by all, without barriers imposed by country or language…

If a world like that existed, maybe then people everywhere would be able to enjoy Japanese visual novels without having to wait like twelve years for a port or translation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. And that’s where we come in.

Our purpose

We, The Committee of Zero, exist for the purpose of opening the metaphorical “gate” that separates entertainment of the West and of the East, so that those of the English-speaking world may feast. To put that in a way that won’t make your eyes melt from the chuunibyou, we translate/port/patch/otherwise modify visual novels from Japan so that English speakers can enjoy them.

Our current priority is 5pb./MAGES.’s Science Adventure (SciADV) series, which consists of a great range of titles including the reason you’re probably all here, STEINS;GATE. However, we intend on bringing as many of them to the English speaking world as we can, so stay tuned for that after we finish our current projects.

E-mail us with queries, suggestions, requests, and applications at:

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  • sa.exe (aka SomeAnon): Nitrosharp Lead Developer / Tooling Developer / Reverse Engineer
  • MrComputerRevo: Impacto Lead Developer / Reverse Engineer
  • JoseJL: LanguageBarrier(32 & 64) Lead Developer / Reverse Engineer


  • ChrisGLink: Head Editor / Translator / TLC / PR
  • Kumin: Editor / Song Editor / PR

Translation & Tech

  • Enorovan: Project Manager / Translator / Patch TLC / Developer / Website
  • fl4t_is_justice: Developer / Reverse Engineer / Translator / TLC / JPR

Image Work


  • zahj: Karaoke Subtitles
  • Raniel: PR / resident shitposter

Inactive/Past members

Other Contributors

Keep in mind that this list does not include everyone in the Committee of Zero. We have many members, including those who have done… zero work.