Hello, everybody! Welcome to progress report 10! Woo-hoo! Double digits!

As you can see below, we’re closing in on completing the first-pass translation of CHAOS;HEAD NOAH. In fact, there are less than ten scripts left to translate! We’d like to give extra special thanks to every member of our translation team for their hard work throughout the past year. We wouldn’t be here without them.

That being said, we’d like to remind everyone that translation checking and editing are also demanding processes that will take a while to finish. Please bear with us for a few more months so we can really make this project shine!

Generally speaking, the month of May was a bit on the slow side. What with the end of the academic semester recently, several of our important members were busy with finals or other responsibilities. But in the week leading up to the release of this post, we were able to get back on track for one big push, which we hope reflects in the numbers.

That’s about all we really have to say this time around. And now, the all-important percentages:

Overall Totals — June 1st, 2021

  Translation TLC Editing
Common route 93.07% 12.39% 8.25%
B route 100.00%    
Nanami route 100.00%    
Yua route 100.00%    
Sena route 100.00% 10.65% 4.71%
Kozue route 100.00%    
Ayase route 100.00% 100.00% 28.90%
Rimi route 100.00%    
True end 100.00%    
TIPs 100.00% 100.00% 20.42%
Total 95.04% 13.52% 7.33%

*: Note that Common route accounts for about two thirds of the game, and consists mostly of content that was in the original CHAOS;HEAD

**: Numbers highlighted in bold indicate that progress has been made in the past month.

And that’s it for the tenth progress report! See you guys next month!

NEXT REPORT: July 1st.