Hey everyone!

‘Tis the season of “dude how in the WORLD did we make it through that year,” so along with that heaping plate of introspection and self-reflection, we’ve got a nice, tall glass of Progress Report for ya (it pretty much just tastes like Eggnog), full of insight, new percentages, and more!

Indeed, the holidays have been kind to us, and we’ve been able to make a fair amount of progress. As you’ll soon find out below, Common Route is now over 33% translated! We’re a third of the way done with the biggest chunk of the game! “What does this mean for general completion?” you ask? Well, with this milestone, this brings the total completion of the first pass to…


Over 50%! Amazing late Christmas present, eh?

And to celebrate this achievement, we’re introducing a total completion percentage to the progress table.

Overall Totals — January 1st, 2021

  Translation TLC Editing
Common route 36.43%    
B route 100.00%    
Nanami route 70.25%    
Yua route 100.00%    
Sena route 100.00%    
Kozue route 100.00%    
Ayase route 100.00%    
Rimi route 100.00%    
True end 14.29%    
Total 52.85%    

*: Note that Common route accounts for about two thirds of the game, and consists mostly of content that was in the original CHAOS;HEAD

**: Numbers highlighted in bold indicate that progress has been made in the past month.

We’ve been working hard on NOAH as you can see, but we couldn’t have made it to this milestone without our lovely new translator: Bla! One of the translators we had on board to work on the game has been bashed over the head with lots of other responsibilities, so we’re having Bla take over for him. We’re real lucky to have him, so welcome, Bla!

Before you go, we’ve saved one more present for last. Our lovely SomeAnon has prepared another video of our CHAOS;HEAD NOAH port and translation, including some more features he’s gotten up and running: saving, loading, and the in-game menu. Take a look!

We know that 2020’s been a really hard year—not just for us, but for all of you. As we draw ever closer to finishing the first pass, we hope that everyone joins us in facing 2021 anew. And who knows? Maybe this’ll be one of the best years yet.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year. Stay safe, stay warm, and most importantly of all, stay awesome.

NEXT REPORT: February 1st.