Hey guys!

We’re back with a report for ya, but we’ve gotta level with you first before you read it. We at the Committee of Zero put our hearts and souls into the R;NE patch; we brought all hands on deck, and we’re real happy it’s finally out. We’re super glad so many people are enjoying it, and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone being patient with the bugs and the typos that were left in. (1.0.2 coming soon for a few more of those, by the way!)

That being said, the work on the ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE patch was… exhaustive, to say the least. Even after we released 1.0, there were still some oversights that had to be addressed—yes, beyond typos. An entire section of Twipo had to be retranslated due to censored content and other botched material, along with a few other funky leftovers—and not the nice Thanksgiving kind.


It’s coming!

After suffering from a bit of post-patch fatigue, we’re getting back into the groove of things. Schoolwork, finals, and part-time/full-time jobs still stand in the way of many of our translators, so it’ll take some time for us to get back to full speed, but rest assured that progress is slowly but surely picking back up.

Overall Totals — December 1st, 2020

  Translation TLC Editing
Common route 14.75%    
B route 100.00%    
Nanami route 61.64%    
Yua route 100.00%    
Sena route 100.00%    
Kozue route 100.00%    
Ayase route 100.00%    
Rimi route 100.00%    
True end 14.29%    

*: Note that Common route accounts for about two thirds of the game, and consists mostly of content that was in the original CHAOS;HEAD

**: Numbers highlighted in bold indicate that progress has been made in the past month.

While there may not be a whole lot done, we are happy to announce that the longest script in the game, coming in at a whopping 78 KB, is completed! So yeah, that’s cool at least!

Anyway, our team’s gonna try their best to get back on NOAH, despite how busy this season can be, but please be patient with us! And if you haven’t checked out ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE yet, we highly recommend you do so! …Just, be sure to install the patch first, alright?

We hope you all have a great holiday! See you next month!

NEXT REPORT: January 1st.