Congratulations! You’re on the worldline where we’re porting STEINS;GATE 0’s translation to PC.

Indeed, the patch that everyone already knew we were making is, in fact, getting made. And, of course, you can expect that it will be improved in all the same ways that we fixed the Steam version of STEINS;GATE. This VN has a special place in our hearts, given that it was the first thing we did any translating for; though, we didn’t get very far before we caught word of the official translation. Wherever EnderJohnson is right now, we hope he’s reading this post and smiling.

Keep in mind that this project isn’t as simple as porting the translated scripts to the PC version. For example, we plan on translating most of the CGs, given that only the most vital ones were translated in the PQube release. This is all going to take time, so we won’t have the patch done right away. It shouldn’t take nearly long as the patch for STEINS;GATE on Steam did, though.

One last thing - we cannot (and do not wish to) give out any copies of the game or translation. The patch will combine the translated Vita version with the Japanese PC version, so you’ll need to own both. Furthermore, a PS Vita or PSTV on firmware 3.60 is required to get the game’s data. The Committee of Zero does not support piracy.