Update, since this was causing some confusion: We’ve long since scrapped the plan to reuse TLWiki’s translation. When Noah happens, it’ll be an all-new TL.

Japanese → English translators from across the world, now is the time to come to arms.

Do you think you have what it takes to take on the raw, pure, unsoiled text of CHAOS;HEAD Noah?

Do your writing skills and knowledge of the languages of Japanese and English alike have the power to preserve the value of that text as you guide it across the language barrier?

And most importantly, do you have about an hour per day of free time that you can spend on it?

If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, you’re probably more qualified than anyone on our team you just may qualify to join the Committee of Zero, who will provide you with the tech, the team and the direction you need to realise your potential.

The Plan

CHAOS;HEAD Noah is a console-exclusive expanded rerelease of CHAOS;HEAD.

The project is to

  • reimplement the VN engine used for CHAOS;HEAD (and Noah),
  • combine Noah’s scripts with TLWiki’s CHAOS;HEAD translation (though heavily revised and edited to match our style) and (Edit: as the update above says, we’re translating the whole thing now)
  • translate the content added in Noah.

We’ve already assembled a crack team of programmers, an image editor, a TLC and (English language) editor and supporting staff. Work on the engine has already begun; the CHAOS;HEAD TL transferral is set to begin shortly, after we finish up on a side project (Edit: Noah translation is in progress).

What we still need is a translator with the experience and dedication to see a visual novel translation through. If you’re interested and you think you can help, please get in touch. Join us on Discord or send us an email, whichever you prefer. We’ve also posted a recruitment thread on Fuwanovel.